Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Rebuilding Together?

Rebuilding Together has been a leading national nonprofit in safe and healthy housing for more than 40 years. Working with our corporate and community partners, we transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes and revitalizing their communities.

Who is eligible for Rebuilding Together services?

Low income homeowners who cannot maintain their homes (typically elderly, persons with disabilities, veterans, and families with children), as are nonprofit facilities, schools, and public spaces that serve low-income residents. To be considered for home assistance, candidates must complete and submit an application form and provide documentation of total household income, such as tax forms or pay stubs. Some of our clients are referred through congregations, schools, community agencies and service groups, or by self-referral.

How do I apply for Rebuilding Together services?

You can find our application by clicking the READ MORE below.

What criteria must homes meet for repairs?

Members of the Rebuilding Together Alexandria staff conduct a house visit to create a preliminary scope of work for potential repairs; we prioritize emergency repairs and safety issues. Once a volunteer team and monetary and/or material resources are acquired for a project, the designated House Captain will determine which repairs the team will be able to perform on the client’s home. What types of repairs are done?

Do homeowners pay for repairs?

No, repairs are completed at no cost to homeowners. Labor and supplies are donated by local partners and the sponsoring volunteer team or purchased directly by Rebuilding Together Alexandria.

What are the criteria for volunteers?

Anyone age 18 or older can be a volunteer. Skilled trades people are always in demand – thousands of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers and other skilled tradespeople donate their time to Rebuilding Together across the U.S. Volunteers do not need to be skilled at home repair work to participate. Corporations, religious congregations, businesses, schools, community service organizations, trade associations, government employee groups, and many interested individuals volunteer every year. Sponsors are encouraged to provide their own volunteer group to complete the work on their sponsored home(s). Volunteer groups consist of a House Captain, who manages the project, and around 10 to 20 skilled and unskilled volunteers per house.

Do you provide home repairs year-round?

Yes, though a majority of projects are completed on National Rebuilding Day in April.

Who sponsors Rebuilding Together?

Funds come from corporations, individuals, labor organizations, foundations, civic organizations, churches and synagogues interested in revitalizing communities.

Is Rebuilding Together affiliated with a particular church or religion?

No. The program embraces all people, regardless of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc.