Exclusive Project Days

Recruit a group of your company’s employees to complete a single-day volunteer project! Each project takes place either in Washington, DC or Alexandria, Virginia (your company chooses the city for your project) and consists of repair tasks at the house of a homeowner in need or a community space (such as a park or school) in an underserved neighborhood.

An exclusive project day is a great team-building experience and a wonderful way to provide immediate, tangible assistance to homeowners and communities in need.

Is your company interested in participating?

Sponsor a volunteer team of your company’s employees! Click here for more information about exclusive project days and sponsorship packages. (Companies can reach out anytime to schedule their exclusive project days, but the projects will take place in March 2020 or later.)

Questions? Contact Maggie Klefstad at mk@rebuildingtogetherdca.org or 703.836.1021