Neighbor Stories

Repairing one home won’t change the world, but the world will change for that homeowner.


Mevelyn is a part of another Rebuilding Together DC Alexandria success story.

Originally from Georgia, she became a resident of the DC area in 1972. Mevelyn’s home has always been a safe and comfortable space for her. As her home aged, she needed some repairs to ensure that the safety and comfort continued. 

Rebuilding Together DC Alexandria was able to add grab bars and hand railings to increase her stability. Her front porch was painted to improve the visibility and external beauty of her home. When Mevelyn was unsure of her electric outlet’s potential, they were assessed and she was given an action plan. These additions and services have improved her wellbeing in more ways than one. 

Stories like these are WHY Rebuilding Together DC Alexandria exists today. Hearing a client say that they feel “blessed, appreciated and seen by their community” supports our mission. Thank you for believing in the vision and contributing to our efforts of improving the lives of individuals in the DC/Alexandria area. 


Meet Margaret, another Rebuilding Together DCA success story.

For the past 52 years, Margaret has been able to comfortably reside in her home without fear or reservations. Unlike many other seniors her age, she hasn’t any plans to relocate. Partly because of the efforts of Rebuilding Together DCA.

Our training and our vision to improve the lives of older people so that they can live independently were highlights for Margaret. Not having to leave her precious home unless she wanted to was a plus. At 85 years old, she is able to take care of her hygiene needs because of the stairlift and safety bars that were added to her bathroom. She received a refridgerator to store her homecooked meals. When days are nice, she is able to safely walk outside and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature because of the walkway that was placed in the backyard.

Truly, our Rebuilding Together DCA supporters and sponsors have helped to change her life and the lives of so many others. This is just the beginning and we hope that you will continue to be a part of our efforts to make our communities and the world a little bit better.


Thomas K.* is an Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War. His parents moved into their Alexandria home in 1949, and Thomas has lived in the house for 55 years.

He has many fond memories growing up in his Alexandria home. He remembers his first Christmas trees, his first pet, large holiday dinners with his grandparents, and bands playing on the lawn at birthday parties in the 1960s.

Thomas has endured challenges since then. He is a double-amputee and is dependent on a wheelchair now. He also had a hip replacement and a stroke. To accommodate his disability, Thomas has handicap rails on all stairways, bars in his bathroom, a wheelchair on each floor, a wheelchair ramp off the back deck, a first floor bedroom, a gate built in to the driveway side of the front porch railing, and floors without any carpeting.

We have completed several repairs for Thomas over the years. Most recently, our volunteers repaired his front door, painted the bathroom and foyer, installed mini blinds in the bathroom, trimmed shrubs and bushes, adjusted a gate, filled a sinkhole in the driveway, and installed an exterior sun shade on the front porch.

“The staff and volunteers did a great job,” said Thomas. “You could immediately see and feel the improvements, large and small.”

Thomas is thankful for many things: He says he has incredible neighbors. He can access many different locations and businesses from his house much more easily than from other locations. And he is thankful for all the repairs that Rebuilding Together DC Alexandria has done for him over the years.

“It has been amazing to see the transformation,” said Thomas. “From the rear-deck and furnace to the brightness in the hallway and bathroom, there has been such a big improvement. It is hard to look back now and calculate just how much Rebuilding Together has improved the quality of my life.”


Jessica* loves her home of 40+ years. It is where she raised her three children with her late husband, and it is where her grandchildren come to visit her. “I don’t want to live anywhere else,” Jessica says. “I just turned 77 and I hope the rest of my days will be here…”

Jessica is living on a limited income and wasn’t able to afford the home repairs she needed. She reached out to us, and we were able to send over some volunteers and contractors to put new flooring in her kitchen, fix a fence that had fallen down in her backyard, install a new stove, repair a handrail, and more.

“Rebuilding Together was there when I needed them,” Jessica says.


The wintertime is a tough time for our neighbors in need. A broken window or the lack of a working furnace can significantly impact the quality of life for low-income families and individuals during the winter.

Harold M.* is one such homeowner. Harold grew up in a small town in Illinois. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War, and then lived and worked in Boston for over 30 years. He has been living in Alexandria with his wife for the past 13 years.

Harold and his wife had no heating or air conditioning in their Alexandria home, and during the wintertime they were cold and very uncomfortable. They had to use floor heaters as a temporary solution. Repairs to their heating system would normally cost about six or seven thousand dollars. After they completed our application form, local contractors fixed their heating system, free of charge to them.

“Your contractors did fantastic work,” said Harold. “They were professional, pleasant, and respectful. They were just fantastic. And once they finished, everything worked perfectly. Ever since they left, we haven’t had any problems. We couldn’t be happier.”


Elizabeth* moved into her current home in 2000, where she now lives with her two sons and 11-year-old grandson. She helped start and all-day preschool in her neighborhood while working in a public elementary school cafeteria.

We sent volunteers to replace her fence and fix deck stairs leading up to her house. She spent all day outside in the hot summer sun with them, appreciating the company of her neighbors as much as the work being done. “They’re the best,” Elizabeth said. “Everyone has been so nice and helpful.”


Originally from North Carolina, Bill H.* is a former truck driver who enjoys hunting and fishing. He reminisces about the rabbits, perch, and bass he caught over the years, gesturing to show the large size of one particular fish he caught.

Bill has been living in Alexandria since the 1940s. He moved into his current house in the 1950s, shortly after it was built.

“I watched every piece of it being put together,” Bill said. “It’s very nice here. My neighbors and I all get along well.”

Our volunteers removed the carpet in the living room, hallway, and three bedrooms; installed foam insulating tubes on exposed water lines; secured a mailbox post; installed a bi-fold door and glass window panes; and more.

Now that the carpet has been removed, it is much easier for Bill to move throughout his house. He is grateful for all the repairs Rebuilding Together DC Alexandria completed in his home.

“Every one of the volunteers was nice,” Bill said. “And they did a beautiful job.”

*It is Rebuilding Together DC Alexandria’s policy to not disclose clients’ real names