Benjamin is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He’s lived in his home for sixty years. He and his wife were some of the first Black residents in their neighborhood, and they were able to buy their home through the GI bill. Benjamin has, in recent years, had to deal with a serious decline in mobility. After two hip surgeries, he now has to use two canes to get around, and he and his wife’s fixed income was just enough to see them through his recovery process.

Unfortunately, the floors in Benjamin and his wife’s home were in poor shape. The boards were coming loose and starting to splinter, posing a serious fall hazard. The Rebuilding Together DC Alexandria team was able to come in and secure and refinish the floor, plus they weatherized the doors and windows, and added security hardware to the front door. Finally, they were able to repoint the mortar on his home, securing its structural integrity and allowing Benjamin and his wife to stay in their home for years to come. Benjamin feels safer and more comfortable thanks to the hard work of the Rebuilding Together team. Thanks to all of our supporters for helping us give Benjamin and his family the safe and healthy home they deserve!

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