Janice has lived in Southeast DC her whole life. Built in 1921, her home is now 100 years old and in need of repairs. The basement is an old cellar that has steep and narrow stairs, inhibiting her ability to use her washer and dryer. In addition, she also had doors that weren’t locking properly, which made her feel unsafe. Janice is a single mother, a cancer survivor, and retired, all of which make it harder for her to complete and pay for repairs by herself.
Thanks to our supporters, Janice is receiving a new stackable washer and dryer on the main floor of her home. She is also getting the necessary repairs to her doors, fence and kitchen cabinets that will keep her safe and able to complete home tasks independently.
In getting to know Janice, we learned how selfless she is, and how much she truly enjoys giving back to her community. It has been a pleasure to work with Janice while making upgrades to her home. Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us give her a greater sense of safety, comfort and independence!

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