Mr. Donald, a 92-year-old Air Force Veteran, has lived in his home since 1942. He is currently experiencing the effects of some health issues and was in need of home repairs and modifications to help him continue to live safely and healthy in his home.

Mr. Donald is very fond of his home. It is a place that holds many fond memories of time spent with his wife and years spent raising their family together. Now, his advanced age and health concerns make it difficult for him to maintain his home. Last month, Rebuilding Together D.C. · Alexandria, teamed up with building and roofing materials distributor, Beacon Building Products, to provide Mr. Donald with no-cost, essential home repairs and modifications; installing a stair lift and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as replacing light bulbs, providing door maintenance and more.

Prior to the project day, contractors installed a stair lift on the main staircase so Mr. Donald could easily and safely navigate his two-level home. They also removed and replaced the rear stairs leading from the porch to the backyard—the main entry and exit point for the homeowners and constructed a new 4’x3’ platform and new stair well with a rise parallel to the front of the porch, allowing Mr. Donald and guests to safely enter the home. Additionally, new waterproof flooring was installed in the sunroom.

Beacon Building Products employee volunteers worked in the backyard to remove ivy on the brick grill and metal fence, mow the lawn and bag vegetation debris for removal. They also removed clutter and trash on the back porch and repaired the screen door. Inside the home, volunteers installed a new doorknob to the basement, replaced a bulb in the living room chandelier, repainted the latch side of the front door for easier operation and installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house.

Beacon Building Products is a proud national supporter of Rebuilding Together’s mission to repair homes and revitalize communities. This work is more critical than ever, as the nation faces a shortage of safe and affordable housing.

In response to the tremendous work and service provided by Rebuilding Together and its partners, 90 percent of homeowners, like Mr. Donald, say they are more likely to age in place and 86 percent find it easier to safely navigate their homes after receiving repairs. Rebuilding Together’s work continues to have a positive impact on communities and homeowners across the nation. Through recent, multi-year studies, the work of Rebuilding Together has been proven to improve the safety, physical health, mental health, economic security and independence of the homeowners involved.

Today, Mr. Donald and his family have peace of mind because his home and safer and more accessible, allowing him to age in place in the home and community he’s known and loved for decades!

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