George has been a lifelong resident of Washington DC for 80 years. George grew up in Southeast DC, served our nation as a US Veteran, and returned as a homeowner starting his family. These days he remains in his home, and with Rebuilding Together’s assistance, we have been able to restore parts of the home and make it safe and comfortable for him.

George described himself as an active senior, but as he spends more and more time in this home he is aware that he could use assistance to perform his daily task. Our mission is to create a safe home for our clients, and we have been able to assist George by installing an easy-to-use dishwasher and bathroom pedestal sink. The goal was to create more ease and accessibility by making upgrades to the kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Improvements have also been made outdoors in the backyard. We completely replaced the fence surrounding the property and installed a brand new railing. We were also able to maintain George’s yard by clearing away tall grass, weeds, and overgrowth to avoid pests and wildlife from becoming an issue in his yard and property. “You all have done several things throughout my home” said George “ many wonderful things have been done to my home and I appreciate the efforts your team has made.”

Stories like George’s are the reason we are able to perform our duties and know that we are able to make an impact on a homeowner’s life. As our mission goes, we believe everyone has a right to a Safe and Healthy home!

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